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New Form of Residence Permits for Citizens of Third Countries

In accordance with Regulation of the Council on 18 May 2011 Slovenia begins issuing to the citizens of third countries, who are not family members of Slovenian citizens or citizens of the European Economic Area, residence permits in the form of a single document, a card.

The card contains a contactless chip which stores a digital copy of the holder’s photograph and fingerprint. Citizens of third countries can use their residence permit to prove they are residing in the Republic of Slovenia legally and to prove their identity. Together with their passport, the card can be used to cross the state border.
The validity of a temporary residence permit card equals the validity of the temporary residence permit, while the validity of a permanent residence permit card is for a maximum of ten years. The validity is displayed on the card.

Temporary residence permits, issued in the form of a sticker, shall remain valid until their expiry. Permanent residence permits, issued in the form of a sticker or booklet, shall remain valid for a maximum of two years, so any foreign national with a permanent residence permit in the form of a sticker or booklet must replace it with a new residence permit in the form of a card before 18 May 2013.
More information: www.infotujci.si